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Sougia & Irini Gorge - Ancient routes into the South

Red Tours, Medium

You have chosen a medium tour suitable for active adults and teenagers in normal condition. Expect firm country roads, some gravel passages and some steeper & faster downhill parts.

This tour is available for groups of 6+ persons only

Bike & Hike & Swim is the motto of our Creta Triathlon. We start our descent by bike right from the famous Plateau of Omalos at 1.200m (3.900ft.). Cycling downhill through the heart of the isolated White Mountains we enjoy stunning views of both, the north and the south coast of Crete.

At the entrance of the Agia Irini Gorge, we change into a hiking rhythm. For two and a half hours the smell of sage will accompany us through this impressive canyon.

A swim in the clear Libyan Sea at Sougia makes our triathlon complete and revives us for the afternoon when we bike through Crete*s greenest valleys to return to the north coast.

  • on all half-day tours: coffee or snack break
  • on all full-day tours: lunch break & coffee break
Sougia Hellas Bike Greece DSCN2291 Kopie, Hellas Bike Greece
Sougia Map 1, Hellas Bike Greece Sougia Map 2, Hellas Bike Greece Irini hiking

Sougia Map 3 Hiking, Hellas Bike Greece

  • Tour Character: Full Day
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Bike & Hike & Swim
  • Distance: ~50 km
  • Elevation Gain: 462 m
  • Elevation Lost: 1.843 m
  • Min Elevation: 2 m
  • Max Elevation: 1.130 m
  • Hiking: approx. 2,5 hours; 7 km
  • Price: € 90 /€ 42 (adult/child)

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