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Frequently Asked Questions

Half-day tours which take place in the morning start around 8:30-9:00 depending on your pick-up point. We will return between 13:00-13:30 on morining trips. Half-day tours which run in the afternoon will start from 14:30-15:00 and finish around 19:00. Full day tours commence between 8:00-9:00 and end around 18:00-18:30, there is always a lunchtime break where you may try Cretan specialities and enjoy a swim in the sea.

Shorts and T-shirts are sufficient from middle of June to middle of September, earlier and later in the season a long-sleeved sweater or windbreaker may keep you warm at starting points higher in the mountains, especially on our full-day tours. Simply remember the old rule that you will loose between 0,5 and 1 degree for each 100m of altitude (e.g. sea level 24 degrees could mean 12-18 degrees at 1,200m height). Sandals with heel-straps and trainers are suitable for cycling, please NO flip-flops.

Group sizes vary between 6 and 16 persons. We like to take care of you, this is why we are certain that you will prefer the luxury of small, familiar groups as well.

No, during Bike Trekking Tours the minibus is always at the end of the group so you may leave cameras, additional clothing, baby food etc. in the bus. It will be available at any stop. Only on our medium-difficult tour Skines and during our e-bike tours you have to carry all your belongings yourself.

No. All our bikes have excellent V-brakes or Disc-Brakes which are most suitable and relieable for downhill rides as are common in the mountainous Cretan landscape.

During all full-day tours there is a possibility for a swim either at lunchtime or at the end of the tour.

Until May 15th and starting from end of September there may be the odd shower usually lasting no more than 10-30 minutes when we can shelter in a Cafe or in our minibusses which always stay with the group. In case of heavy rain at the start of a tour, we consult with all our guests to find an alternative tour date or you may simply take all your money back.

Most single trails are simply sheep and goat tracks unsuitable for cyclists as they will suddenly disappear or end at steep cliff faces. 4×4 tracks are often made by farmers and shepherds, they are difficult to find for the visitor as they are rarely marked in maps and not sign-posted. A guide is highly recommendable if you do not want to spend your day chasing dead-end dirt-roads.

No. Please bring your own shoes. However we do stock Shimano Road SL pedals as well as Look/Keo for road bikes and SPD-pedals for MTB’s if you have the fitting shoes.

We will pick you up right from your hotel or from a main road close to your accommodation Our pick-up area stretches from Chania in the east to Kolymbari in the west.

As soon as your baby can sit it can join you- for free- in a baby chair (of course with a helmet). Our youngest guest was just 8 month old.

If you feel fit and have no heart problems there is almost no age limit on the other side, so far our oldest client has been 82 years.

No. During all half-day tours we will stop for refreshments at village cafes which offer soft drinks, fresh orange juice, coffees, beers, ice creams and often sandwiches. You will be back in time to enjoy either lunch or dinner at your hotel.

During all full-day tours we will stop at lunch time in original Cretan tavernas which offer local specialities at value for money. On some tours we can order Greek-style and create a mini-buffet at the center of the table and share the bill. This gives you a chance to test and taste Cretan dishes which you would have never dared to order by yourself.

Yes. Safety first. We have got plenty of helmets but you have got only one head. We provide you with all sizes ranging from the right one for 9 month old babies right up to genius-sized headwear.

Yes, of course you can stop anytime to take pictures while on tour as long as you are aware of basic traffic laws. We will not encourage you to stop at dangerous spots.

We start our tours at the end of March and carry on right until the beginning of November. Even during July and August heat is not a big problem as we mainly go downhill on many tours and the breeze will cool you while cycling. Our morning half-day tours are finished by lunchtime already and on the afternoon trips you will not start cycling before 16:00 starting from shady villages higher up in the hills and mountains.

Unfortunately there are not many reliably marked cycle routes in Crete. But of course we have tested plenty of round-trips for you. When you collect your reserved bike we will equip you with a personalised map with route suggestions from 20 km to 100 km and altitude gains from 300m to 1.800m.

Unfortunately there are not many correct maps of Crete. There are no cycling maps either. Crete consists of a labyrinth of small 4×4 tracks, which farmers have opened to look after their olive trees or their livestock. Those roads often lose themselves after the first few kilometres. The best maps we have found are by TERRAIN editions or -a little older- by the German publisher Harms-IC-Verlag: Western Crete at 1:100.000. For the cyclist the contour lines help to plan climbs, which we are still missing with standard Google maps.

Starting from a rental period of 3 days we can equip ECO-Class bikes with carriers at the modest fee of € 5. If you choose a carbon PRO-Class MTB we can supply floating luggage racks for € 15.

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