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A Picture Perfect - half-day bike excursion

Blue Tours, Easy

You have chosen an easy tour suitable for all ages. Expect good surfaces with a few easy uphill passages.

This tour is available for groups of 6+ persons only

We are on location at the Akrotiri Peninsula, the most famous film setting of Greece.

Cycling in front of the backdrop of the imposing wall of the White Mountains. We zoom in at little coves, where brilliant sunlight reflects on sparkling waves, no color filter needed. Discovering this northernmost peninsula of Chania we pass by the unique doline lake (cenote) of Macherida. As the karst scenery gets more dramatic the foreground is dominated by luxury villas. Ambitious architecture and carefully planned Mediterranean gardens please our eyes while we wonder if this perfect holiday dream could be affordable.

We freeze the picture at Stavros. Flashback: was it not here where the most famous dance of Greece, the Sirtaki was born ? A turquoise bay, a wide sandy beach, and an inspired dancer.

The sound and the scene fade as we are cycling towards the final highlight of this tour: Agia Triada. Let us get a close-up: An impressive monastery, Greek monks, and wine. Yes, all still there. Why not sample a glass? Will it make us dance as well?

  • on all half-day tours: coffee or snack break
  • on all full-day tours: lunch break & coffee break
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Hellas Bike Tour Map, Hellas Bike Greece
  • Tour Character: Half Day
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: ~20 km, incl. 16 km down or straight
  • Price: € 55/ € 25 (adult/child)

Akrotiri Tour Reservation

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